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During the coronavirus epidemic, patients are admitted to the clinic only after a preliminary telephone / online consultation. Wearing a mask is mandatory!

Our family doctor practice is located in the 9th district of Budapest. You can find here the exact extension of our practice area. If you live in one of these buildings, you can register automatically to our GP practice. We also accept patients outside our practice area and we even have the possibility to register them as a permanent patient but in this case we have the right to consider admission to the practice. Please note that our service is contracted with the National Health Insurance Fund. For getting the treatment in the same conditions as a Hungarian insured you must submit a European Health Insurance Card or the Provisional Replacement Certificate. We also need your passport or ID card. Patients who don’t have these documents, will be charged HUF 9000 /€ 35 per visit at the surgery, or HUF 14000 / € 50 for a home visit. To contact us (the surgery address and telephone numbers) please clickhere

Opening Hours:

Monday 8-12
Tuesday 15-19
Wednesday 8-12
Thursday 15-19
Friday click here

To make an appointment either call us during surgery time or send an e-mail to             hilgertdr@hilgert.t-online.hu You can also make an appointment by clicking Contact menu.    In case of emergency call our 24-hour Family Doctor  Service: 215 1644 or 215 6983 In case of life threatening emergency (chest pains and / or shortness of breath, loss of consciousness, acute confused state, serious injuries constitute an emergency) you must call 104

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